Take the role of an anonymous hacker who is hired by different companies to recover stolen content.
In other words, hack the hackers.

Hack the hackers

HACKTERM is a first-person hacker (because you’re the person who is hacking) where you will have to attend your clients’ requests. These clients will only request you one (legitimate) thing: recover their stolen files.

You will be provided with a special OS that will allow you to access other devices on the internet and do whatever you need to do. Don’t worry if you think it is too raw, as you progress in your job you will be able to upgrade your system.

Take care, these are not easy tasks, nor this is a safe job. You will have to defend yourself against enemy intrusions, avoid being geolocalized and other menaces that you will face. Embrace this cyber-adventure only if you are prepared to.

Mouse? I haven't heard that name in years...

Mouses are overrated. You don’t need that filthy peripheral to enjoy a good session of hacking, that’s why you can play this game just with a keyboard.

Use your both hands at the same time (or one if you are one-handed) and be aware of what’s on the screen to do your job as professional as possible.

In a near future

The OS is currently in an alpha version, so new functions and bug-fixes will come.
Keep the software updated, don’t talk to strangers and most importantly, hack the hackers.

Release date:
Latest update:
december 1, 2018
december 5, 2018